Danger – Brain Freeze Ahead

Summer is in full swing up here in the Northeast, and frozen drinks are a surefire way to beat any sweltering heat wave. It was time bring out my secret summer happy-hour weapon….wine slushies!

peach 2.JPG


The great thing about wine slushies, besides the cool refreshment they provide, is that they can be made with any inexpensive sweet wine or sangria—no need to break the bank here on anything fancy. They’re unbelievably simple to make and keep well in the freezer, so you can always have them on hand. I store mine in ziplock bags, laying them flat so you can stack as many of them in the freezer as possible.  You could even use smaller bags for individual portions. Yes, it is okay to drink alone. In fact, I encourage you to slowly sip one of these icy treats while solo sunning by the pool. 

I made a batch of peach wine slushies early this morning, as happy hour was already on my mind…don’t judge. I used roughly 4 cups of frozen peaches to 6 cups of white sangria and blended it in my food processor (my blender is too small). I poured it into a large ziplock bag, placed it in the freezer, and there it waits. Delicious, refreshing, and easy to drink—a dangerous combination!

slushie ingred

 peach slushy .JPG

peach ziplock.JPG

The number of servings is entirely up to you! Some recipes call for simple syrup or powdered sugar, but that is too sweet for my taste. Feel free to experiment with other fruits and wines. Frozen mangos or pineapples and white wine is another delectable pairing.

Make a batch and see what I am talking about. Just don’t blame me when your freezer is brimming with back-ups!



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