A Pure Bred and an All American Breed

I love dogs.  In fact, I may love dogs more than humans.  I also love cats but sadly I am allergic to them.  This was discovered when my daughter got a cat.  So unless I wish to take a pill daily for life no cats for me – below is a cute picture of my sisters cat Leo, he is a Savannah breed…. hopefully this will keep cat lovers reading.




Every day I strive to be more like my dogs, minus the butt sniffing thing.  Dogs are loving and loyal, always happy to see you, and never complain about their day.  We have two dogs, an eleven year old lab named Brandy and a four-year old beagle chihuahua rescue named Bailey.  If it were up to me we would have another dog but my husband keeps saying no more dogs….however, that sounds like maybe to me.

When Brandy was seven years old I decided she needed a friend, and the quest for our little guy began.  Of course, my husband said no more dogs.   Two years of lots of sad little rescue faces and stories shared every night on the sofa wore him down.

baby bailey
Baileys first day in his new home

Our little guy Bailey was brought up north by a great organization from North Carolina called Howlin4spirit.  It was like bringing a baby home from the hospital as my Mother and sister where here to greet him.  He was a five-pound handful right from the start.  He was a great puppy and didn’t destroy anything and he potty trained easily, he just took over the house.  Our lab hid for a week and when she came out she looked at us as if to say what the heck did you do!  Bailey refused to sleep in his kennel.  When we placed him in there at night his howls were ear-piercing.  So we did what every book tells you not to do….brought him into bed with us.  Now four years later and ten pounds heavier, he still sleeps in our bed despite the dog beds at the foot of our bed.  Both dogs have become best of friends and Bailey is keeping Brandy young!

begging dogs

Our dogs are very important members of our family.  They even go boating with us every year on the St. Lawrence River…it’s a family vacation.   We keep them healthy with a good diet, exercise, and annual vet visits.

bailey on the river
Bailey boating on the St. Lawrence River
dogs on the river
Boating buddies

Both dogs maintain a healthy weight with exercise and a diet of Blue Buffalo Dog Food.  Blue Buffalo dog food does not contain anything artificial, no corn, soy or wheat, it only contains high quality proteins.  We try to keep dog treats healthy as well consisting of carrots, blueberries, a handful of bedtime Cheerios, and Sunday morning eggs.

At our recent annual visit to the vet, we discussed flea and tick control.  We are most concerned with ticks as we live in the middle of the woods surrounded by lots of wildlife.  In the past, both dogs had to be treated for lyme disease.  We had been using topical treatments but we were not pleased with the protection.  The vet told us about Seresto Collars.  My first thought was a $60 flea collar?!??  We have come to discover these collars are well worth the money.  Both dogs have been wearing them for about three months and we have not had a single tick.  Oh and did I mention that each collar lasts eights months…doesn’t seem so expensive anymore.

I have a picture frame that says a house is not a home without a dog…let’s make that dogs…perhaps three…honey?


winter fun
Fun in the snow


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