Fresh Juice

Breville Juicer     juicer1

This morning after we shooed the bear from the yard my husband asked me if we had any fresh juice and this was all before I had my first cup of coffee.  It put a smile on my face though, to hear my husband, who drinks his morning coffee with so much cream and sugar it could be a dessert, ask this question.  Middle age really changes people!

A few years ago for Christmas I asked Santa for a juicer.  Santa grumbled that I had too many kitchen gadgets and we were running out of storage space.  I guess I was really good that year as I received a Breville Juicer  and new shelves.  I love my Breville Juicer!  It does a great job juicing the fruits and vegetables.  It separates the pulp from the juice perfectly.  You can add some of the pulp to the juice for additional fiber or you have a nice addition to your compost pile.  The unit has a control to change the setting from softer to harder depending upon the fruit/vegetable you are juicing and it has overload protection which will turn the unit off if you over use it.  Clean up is a breeze as it disassembles easily and into the dishwasher it all goes dishwasher.

I make a batch of fresh juice every couple of days. I use whatever fruits and vegetable I have in-house especially those that need to be used.  I use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.  Some of my favorites are carrots, beets, oranges, berries, melon, apples, kale, spinach and other greens.  Often I will add a small piece of ginger.  We usually have about six ounces in the morning.  It feels really good to start your day with something so healthy.

A funny thing happens when I take out the juicer…the dogs come running over as they love fruit.  My little dog even love kale.

Healthy family!

juicer2begging dogs

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