Friday Happy Hour

It’s Friday!  That magical day of the week that opens the door to the weekend and endless possibilities for fun and occasional chores.  Often I like to kick off the weekend with a Friday afternoon cocktail.

I have always been a wine or vodka drinker but a few months ago my brother-in-law showed up with the makings of something downright magical….Crown Royal Regal Apple and diet Canada Dry ginger ale.  Who knew they made flavored whisky!?!!  I never gave whiskey much thought beyond an Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Sour.  Well this flavored Crown Royal has changed my feelings on Whiskey altogether.  They even have a vanilla flavored whiskey which is awesome mixed with root beer… root beer float!

Now I know what many of you are thinking….she is drinking whiskey in a glass that has been hand painted with the state of Kentucky on it and a basketball representing the KY Wildcats (my favorite team)….that is seriously sacrilegious.  Only bourbon should be in that glass.  Well the glass has special meaning and I use it every Friday regardless of my choice of cocktail.  My daughter and her fiancé live in KY and this glass was a gift.  So I think of them when I am relaxing.  Her fiancé is the manager of an amazing restaurant in Lexington called Windy Corner and the glasses are hand painted by a local artist and can be purchased at the restaurant.

So cheers whiskey drinkers, bourbon drinkers, Wildcat fans and those other fans.  Happy Friday.


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