I thought that title might get your interest.  My sister encouraged me to write this blog and one of the things she said I should write about is our method for keeping flies at bay.

We had a 4th of July party and everyone was surprised at the lack of flies in attendance.  We live next to a horse farm so not having a fly problem is a big deal!

Our secret…fly bags.  We use Rescue Fly Traps which are non toxic and readily available on Amazon.  Just add water and flies enter the bag cannot escape and drown.  Each disposable fly bag can attract up to 20,000 flies.  We place several of them at various places around our deck and pool.  Do not place them to close to your entertaining area as once they start to catch flies they are a bit smelly.  You can see in the picture below how far away from the pool my husband placed them.  When they are full just close the top and dispose.

Have a happy fly free BBQ!

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